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Fachkraft im Fokus Facebook Page - Privacy Protection Notice

You will be redirected to Facebook: www.facebook.com/fachkraft.im.fokus

The Fachkraft im Fokus Facebook page is managed and maintained by employees of the initiative.

By clicking on the link below, you will leave the Fachkraft im Fokus webpage www.fachkraft-im-fokus.de and be redirected to the Facebook social network.

Notice Regarding Privacy Protection on Facebook

The user privacy protection policy set in place for the Fachkraft im Fokus website (www.fachkraft-im-fokus.de/trenner/datenschutz), loses its validity on the Facebook social networking website, which has a distinct and separate user privacy policy. As mere operators of the Fachkraft im Fokus Facebook page, employees of the initiative have no influence or control of the data processed or collected by Facebook. The amount, nature, and use of data collected by Facebook is not known to Fachkraft im Fokus or its employees. It is possible that Facebook collects and uses personal data and/or information pertaining to user behavior such as preferences, habits, contacts, or computer/mobile phone specifications. You should only continue to Facebook if you understand and agree to such collection, storage, and use of your data, as well as any possible consequences thereof. You can find more information on this topic in the user privacy policy (www.facebook.com/about/privacy) on the Facebook website.

Notice Regarding Handling Sensitive Data

Facebook enables its users to freely communicate with their contacts, discuss various topics, and create and share personal content with the online community. While these diverse options are no cause for concern for experienced users, they may present problems for inexperienced users. Please be cautious with your sensitive personal information and be sure to inform yourself fully about Facebook and its user privacy settings before publishing any profile information or personal content to the site. Personal content which is not intended or appropriate for public display which finds its way onto the internet is exceedingly difficult, and in certain cases impossible, to remove or alter retroactively.

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